Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sick Friend

Maggie of The Veranda is sick .... she has the sniffles and is sneezing and coughing. Let's send her some good wishes and chicken soup via blogland so she knows we are thinking about her.
Get well soon and don't sneeze on me.


trash talk said...

I can totally sympathize. I've had it about a week now and just got where I could get up and do something. I'll be sure and wish her a merry get well wish. Aren't you sweet to be thinking of her. Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year!!! Debbie


YOU ARE CRAZY! But thanks for thinking about me. I'm feeling better already.... I'll be setting up for Canton this weekend no matter what -- so I'll try not to sneeze on you.

glimpse of my world said...

Hey Lillie. thanks for visiting my blog.. Wrote about you in my blog tonight.. so good to see you! Wishing you tons of celebrations, happiness in 2009!

Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I have been wanting to stop by, you left a comment on my blog...a few weeks back. I do believe that Texas has the best places to shop! I have read so much about Canton. I will put visiting on my to-do list!!! You have a great blog!

curiousgoods said...

Lillie, I hope she is feeling better!!

I can't wait for your Grand Opening in Malakoff! Wooo Hoooo! You need to go to my Blog Post for tonight.... you may have a surprise there..... :)

curiousgoods said...

Lillie, See this posting::