Tuesday, July 14, 2009


ARE YOU GIRLS READY FOR A SIZZLING SUMMER TREAT? Then warm up your engines and set the a/c on high cuz Carolyn Westbrook's Summer Market is this week-end. July 18th is this next Saturday. I will be there when the doors open. It starts at 9:00 sharp. Click for more info. http://carolynwestbrookhome.blogspot.com/
After a hour or two of shopping I will fly back to Malakoff to relieve my little man. I have talked him into opening the store for me for a couple of hours. He's a little scared of women so if you make it to Malakoff before I do give him a hard time but don't make him cry.

Malakoff has 12 antique shops after you have shopped your way through The Summer Market head on over. We will be waiting for you. Mention this blog and get 25% off anything and everything at The Junk Palace. Don't forget to check out Winnie and Tulula's Antique Mall in Athens. It's only 15 mins. from Malakoff ..... it's right on the square. Happy Junking!!!!


trash talk said...

If planned just right, could be a wonderful day of great shopping! Way to sell it, girl!

Carolyn Westbrook Home said...

Thanks for the great promotion of our Summer Market and LOVE the conglomeration of white dishes!!!
Need to get to your store soon, and for those who have not been, well...you need to go, it is fantastic
XOXO Carolyn

curiousgoods said...

I can't wait to wander down the street from Curious Goods to the Junk Palace and save 25% off my favorite JUNK!
And You Know what else? I will have to get there early to get the good stuff and try to make friends with your little man.... I hear he is a real looker... :)

The Green Pea said...

Have a great and fun weekend. Sandi