Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blogging Again Starting With A Secret

A little birdie was flying around Round Top at the best antique show ever and told me a secret. I try to keep secrets but I'm just no good at it, so here goes. Romantic Country was at The Yellow Rose taking tons of photos. The main attractions were Vickie of The Yellow Rose, Maggie of The Veranda. You girls know her set-up in Canton is always fun and funky. Becky of The Gypsy Rose also in Canton caught their attention too. If you want to find Becky just wave something pink with roses on it and she will be there in a flash. Watch for them , they may be in an upcoming issue of Romantic Country.
Maggie also had a visit from Debbie of Curious Sofa and Carol of Raised in Cotton. They took a bunch of photos too.
I heard the blog party was a success. Theresa of Garden Antiqus really knows how to put on a party. There was plenty of wine and cheese and fruit and veggies. Maggie said she was meeting bloggers she only knew through their blogs. There was a lot of hugs and kisses going on and they are all old friends now. Too soon she had to go back to The Yellow Rose and get back to work. I am missing all the fun but in October I will be there with bells on and truck full of junk. Hope to see you at The Yellow Rose!



Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

I am hoping to come down for the big show in October, all the way from Montreal, so hopefully I will see you then!

Monochromatic Artsy Tiques said...

Hi Lillie--Enjoying your blog--good info and pix -- see you soon...Liz Caudle