Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Girl Baily and Our Boy Bo

My girl Baily is doing great. Last Friday she waited till the nurses were changing shift and pulled the ventilator tube from her throat. She is so sneaky. It turned out to be a good move on her part as she is doing well now. We are hoping she will be home in just a few weeks. Now I can get back to some serious blogging. Photos coming soon ..... maybe tomorrow. Thanks again for all your prayers and concern for Baily and our family.



trash talk said...

OMG! She is sneaky. So glad she is getting better and that you are too! We always feel better when our kids do. God is good! Look forward to the photos...hope it is soon.

delighted heart said...

So glad to hear a good report! Praying she continues getting better every day. I have a Bo too! He's 25 and getting married in Dec! Hope to see you soon!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Ha! Isn't she the rebel? Glad she's doing well. ~Mindy

curiousgoods said...

Praise God!
Thanks for the update!