Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Please! Come In....
check out
WINNIE & TULULA'S ANTIQUE MALL. You may be a little surprised at what you see. It definitely is not your Mothers antique mall. Ms. Gloria is open

10:00 - 6:00 Wed. - Sat.

Check out her beautiful bedding and slipcovers while your there. Need something custom? She will be happy to help.

How about a few Winnie & Tulula photos?

Now for some shameless self promotion .... if you still feel the need for more junk


is only 10 mins. away with 12 antique stores.

Thanks for checking in on me.



Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Love some of the Junk I am seeing on the pics, all looks great, Janna

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Such lovely photos! I'm loving everything I see.

curiousgoods said...

Yup, we are having some fun over in Malakoff, and hauling in treasures from all over the place. Heck, Juanita is in Alaska shopping this week. Maybe she will bring back some cool air when she returns!

Janice Selby said...

So sorry to hear you are closing up shop.
wish I lived closer I would come in for your sale.
Good Luck on your next adventure.

janice In Missouri