Thursday, October 22, 2009


The Junk Palace is closing the doors. The prices have been slashed to the bone.
Come for the closing and get a heck of a deal. The sale starts this Sat. at 11:00
Don't be late. How about a few photos.

Thanks to everyone who shopped with me.


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Oh, Lillie, I can't come. We'll be out of town this weekend, dangit! And I'm sad about you closing. But, I do know where I'll still find all of your goodies! yee haw! Happy sales! ~Mindy

Tracey said...

So sorry to hear you are closing! Your shop looks absolutely have a real talent for display!!


trash talk said...

Lillie, I would have come if for no other reason than to say hello, but we'll be out of town tomorrow. But I will still be seeing you at W&T's, right?

jmac said... about timing. I was just in Malakoff today and am staying the night in Corsciana. Coming back thru tomorrow. Will definitely find you. Sorry that you're closing, hopefully you've got other irons in the fire that will be just as much fun. Hope to see you tomorrow!!

curiousgoods said...

We will still be selling and dancin' in the street wherever we are~ right, girl? Will see you in the Civic Center Thursday - Sunday at Canton where it will be nice and DRY!

Simply Glowing Gifts said...

Sorry to hear that..I just moved to Athens and didn't get a chance to visit. I visited W & T's for your card...Love your stuff!!

Valarie said...

Lillie, how could you have your sale the same day as ours! Please save some for me!! I remember the last time you had a clearance sale I had sooo much fun! I have a feeling you won't be going to far...I will call ya next week.
The Red Shed

icandy... said...

You have the coolest displays... I'm sorry to hear that you are closing the doors, I wish that I lived closer, to visit and get lost in that shop!
Happy day!

Margo said...

I'm so sorry you are closing up the malakoff place. Can't wait to see your new set up in Canton.